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Biscuit Joiner
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Biscuit Joiner Setup and Features

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Figure23-1. The biscuit joiner is powered by the Mark V's powerplant and can be used with either the Model 500 or Model 510.

The biscuit joiner housing attaches to the quill and the blade arbor attaches to the main power spindle of the Mark V's powerplant (Figure 23-1). It may be used with either the Mark V Model 500 or Model 510. Follow the setup instructions in the Owners Manual that came with your biscuit joiner.

Some of the important features (Figure 23-2) and capacities of your biscuit joiner are:

  • Spring-loaded workpiece guide and safety guard help improve operator confidence and safety.
  • Engraved centerline on guide permits easy alignment of workpiece.
  • Adjustable depth stops and guide rod grooves permit easy use of three different biscuit sizes (#0, #10 and #20) for a variety of applications.
  • Adjustable pins in guide penetrate stock to provide more positive control and reduce kick-backs.
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    Figure23-2. Familarize yourself with these importnat features of the Shopsmith biscuit joiner.
    Carbide-tipped blade will provide years of normal service without sharpening.
  • Built-in dust chute for easy at-tachment of standard 2-1/2" dust collection hoses.

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